Elephant Leisure Hiking Trail

Elephant Leisure

We have built a 2 ½ hour hiking trail which will take you past ‘Tombstone Forest’ (old grey Blue Gum tree trunks) amongst which you will find fourteen baby Clanwilliam Cedars – one of the most threatened tree species in South Africa. The Cedarberg was named after these trees, which used to be a prominent feature but which today is a rare sight. They are critically endangered and are on the brink of extinction after decades of unsustainable harvesting for their beautiful, long-lasting, fragrant timber, and from too frequent veld fires. We managed to find fourteen of these beautiful trees and are carefully nurturing them through their toddler years.

Continuing on your trail some amazing rock formations await you, before you ascend into a gorge which will enclose you in complete silence and some some natural buchu. It all ends at our own waterfall (albeit a small one!) which runs 365 days a year.

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